I wrote the original text and posted it to Google + about three years ago.

Some things have changed: Mobile websites usually don’t look so ugly anymore. More websites let me choose the language or the mobile vs. the desktop version.

Some have not: http://www.gizmodo.com/ still sends me to http://www.gizmodo.de/ (I usually don’t read it anymore, though).

Responsive design has however not universally made the situation better. Sometimes I still want to switch to the version that was not presented to me originally. And sometimes this is annoyingly not possible.

Dear Internet, dear web designers, stop guessing . Let me choose what I want.

This is the original post from three years ago

Dear Internet

Stop trying to guess what I want!

– You can’t honestly think that I want a site to look like this crappy mobile version on my iPad – even my iPhone (see picture). Just give me the normal version!

– Stop trying to guess which version of your site I want to see depending on my geolocation.
Google does it nicely, they put a little link up if I want to see the German version of Google – usually I don’t.
The worst offender is Gizmodo. Stop redirecting me to http://www.gizmodo.de/ if I typed in http://www.gizmodo.com. If I wanted to see the German version I would have typed ‘.de’. To add insult to injury, I can no longer access the US version at all – and the US version is the only one I care about.
Thus you have lost one reader.

Stop trying to guess what I want, give me what I typed in!