I have followed and enjoyed Tom Merrits work as a tech journalist and podcaster for many years. First at cnet (Buzz Out Loud, Top 5, etc) and then at twit where he created the award winning Tech News Today.

At the end of 2013 Tom and twit separated and Tom created Daily Tech News Show (DTNS). As in all his previous work Tom reports tech news fast paced and objectively, adds meaningful commentary and has great discussions with guests and regular contributors (including previous collaborators like Veronica Belmont or Molly Wood).

The show is fully financed by crowdfunding via Patreon and thus independent from advertisement.

So far there is an official audio pod cast, a website and and unsupported Video version on YouTube (both also live streaming). The YouTube version includes an aftershow as a bonus after the audio pod cast has stoppod recording.

Updated in January 2016 with new Patreon and YouTube links.