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The World in Words (Pick of the week)

My pick of the week is The World in Words. A podcast about languages and the people who speak them, hosted by Patrick Cox.

Crash Course Astronomy (Pick of the week)

I have always been fascinated by astronomy and was excited when Crash Course announced their astronomy course. So far 15 episodes (each about 10 minutes long) have been released and I like them a...

Daily Tech News Show (Pick of the week)

I have followed and enjoyed Tom Merrits work as a tech journalist and podcaster for many years. First at cnet (Buzz Out Loud, Top 5, etc) and then at twit where he created the award winning Tech News Today.

At the end of 2013 Tom and twit separated and Tom created Daily Tech News Show (DTNS).

TekThing (Pick of the week)

TekThing is a weekly (ca. 30 min) Video Show about technology and YouTube channel. It features tech news, reviews, interviews, help and how-to segments, with an emphasis on viewer questions. T...

Mad Balloonz (Pick of the week)

A group of developers that I know have released a fun multiplatform game. Mad Balloonz follows the tried and true formula of “easy to learn, hard to master “. The concept can easily be explained in four bullets. You have… Continue Reading →

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